Monday, December 14, 2009

Honey and White Grape Bellini

This gem of a cocktail has been a hot commodity since we put it back on the menu a few weeks ago. Some may remember this from the Walnut Room cocktail menu way back in the day. We have updated this version with a touch of star anise in the honey water. Here's a version of the recipe you can try at home.
  • Muddle 3 fresh white grapes in a mixing glass.
  • Add 1 oz of honey water. (To make honey water boil some water on the stove and carefully add a generous amount of your favorite honey. There are so many crazy honeys on the market these days it might be fun to try a couple different ones. Let the mixture cool and you're ready to go.)
  • Muddle a little more, and strain the mixture into a champagne flute (if you want just throw it all in, it will taste fine.)
  • Top with your favorite sparkling wine. We use a Brut from the Loire Valley, and I would suggest a dry sparkler.
  • Now here's the delicate part. Float a very, very tiny amount of absinthe on the top of the drink. I can't stress enough...TINY. Unless you are a big absinthe fan, too much will cause problems.

We have to confess. We swiped this drink from an old issue of Class Magazine. It's just about the best industry mag around, but it's an UK publication and good freakin luck getting it.

Hope you like it.



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