Monday, July 30, 2012

Chase The Extraordinary Fernet Experience With Us Tonight -- Complimentary Cocktails At 10PM

Chasing the Herbacious Rush of Fernet Branca -- A Story in Pictures
For those who have tasted one of Italy's national treasures, Fernet Branca Digestivo, you'll know it challenges taste-buds and defies comparison to other spirits. Its rich, medicinal blend of botanicals seizes your entire being. At first it's bitter bite is surprising, then all-consuming. But then: the bitterness vanishes and you are at peace -- all ailments melt away, the stomach is soothed, the spirits raised. It's a journey worth chasing.

Pursue this unique flavor rush with us tonight as we celebrate being one of 3 bars in the whole city to offer Fernet Branca ON TAP. Beginning at 10PM we'll be providing expertly composed cocktails and an unbeatable vibe of merriment with one of the city's best bartenders, Erik Boardman ('EB' to those in-the-know) at the helm. You are cordially invited to chase the rush!

Below are some behind-the-scene pics of EB pursuing Fernet cheered on by our fearless leader, Joe Beckham. Check it!

All photos by Jackson Auchinleck

Friday, July 13, 2012

$5 Hendricks & a Regal Refresher Fit for Kate & Pippa. Smashing!

Hendrick's, Rhuby, & Pellegrino Pompelo Make this Effervescent Delight.

A distinguished lineup makes up the Kate Middleton cocktail

Hey, you know what goes great with summer? Crystal-clear, nuanced, herbaceous, and just plain yummy English gin. Hendricks is a masterful example  -- a prim & proper small-batch gin that mixes beautifully with the the fresh fruits of summer like lemons, limes, and cooling cucumber. Brilliant. 

Although perfect paired with polo and other aristocratic pursuits we're offering posh Hendricks cocktails for the humble price of just $5 each from 5PM-7PM tonight, Friday the 13th. For those of you who may be superstitious we think your luck just turned around for the better!

This is the perfect opportunity to try our newest summer cocktail, the Kate Middleton. This drink is truly a stunner. With high-end Hendricks, the exotic rhubarb note from Rhuby and sparkling Pellegrino grapefruit you can drink like the duchess at a pauper's price. Tell your mates!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Conjure Cool Winter Weather with a Spicy, Comforting Mad Elf

Sipping a Troegs Mad Elf Transports You to a Cooler, Simpler Time
So, it's been hot. Like, really, really hot. The sun just will not relent and audaciously remains high in the sky until at least 8pm, scalding us with its horrible heat beams!

When we find ourselves perspiring profusely we yearn for an icier clime. We close our eyes and conjure a wintery snowscape where we're bundled up in scarves and mittens, sipping a full-bodied, slightly spiced winter beer with loved ones. Maybe we're in a lodge. Or maybe just tucked cozily in our city apartment peeking through our frosted windows at a fresh snowfall.  Either waywe need not wish any longer for a taste of winter. We brought winter to us.
We have a freshly tapped keg of Troeg's Mad Elf just waiting for you. One sip and you'll swear you can smell pine needles and freshly baked cookies. Two sips and you'll feel the tingly anticipation of a holiday eve -- that warm feeling deep inside that comes from knowing presents and family and delectable edibles are waiting for you when you wake. Now doesn't that sound nice?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Birthday, America - Now Eat Some Beef!

Our All-Star, All-American Lineup 

We are an extremely patriotic bunch here at Alfa. As we approach the birthday of the good ol' USA we've been thinking a lot about what that means to us gastronomically. As much as people say apple pie is quintessential to our red white & blue roots, we don't think it gets any more American than a big juicy burger on a golden brown bun. So we are celebrating -- ringing in our nation's birthday with an homage to our favorite food. America deserves it!

We've got four new serious contenders for carnivores on our menu, and one veggie burger so scrumptious it would make Betsy Ross blush.  Each hamburger is made with flavor-flecked ground beef sourced locally from Pat LaFreida meats in Brooklyn, NY. Then, they're loaded with an array of unexpected tasty toppings to keep you on your democracy-loving toes. 

The Route 66, Phat-Farm-to-Table, and Bluegrass Burgers

Just as our forefathers were shocked by taxation without representation you'll be joyfully stymied by the buffalo sausage and fried onion on our Yellowstone burger. You'll be similarly taken aback by the fork-tender BBQ pulled pork and crispy fried pickles on our Bluegrass burger. And you just might throw some tea overboard when you get a load of our irreverent Phat-Farm-to-Table burger which is mischievously topped with Canadian bacon (gasp!), creamy sauce Choron,  and a glistening fresh fried farm egg. 

So saddle up your horse and come on in to pep up your palette. We can't wait to hear what all our patriotic patrons think of our fresh new line up of American burgers!