Friday, July 13, 2012

$5 Hendricks & a Regal Refresher Fit for Kate & Pippa. Smashing!

Hendrick's, Rhuby, & Pellegrino Pompelo Make this Effervescent Delight.

A distinguished lineup makes up the Kate Middleton cocktail

Hey, you know what goes great with summer? Crystal-clear, nuanced, herbaceous, and just plain yummy English gin. Hendricks is a masterful example  -- a prim & proper small-batch gin that mixes beautifully with the the fresh fruits of summer like lemons, limes, and cooling cucumber. Brilliant. 

Although perfect paired with polo and other aristocratic pursuits we're offering posh Hendricks cocktails for the humble price of just $5 each from 5PM-7PM tonight, Friday the 13th. For those of you who may be superstitious we think your luck just turned around for the better!

This is the perfect opportunity to try our newest summer cocktail, the Kate Middleton. This drink is truly a stunner. With high-end Hendricks, the exotic rhubarb note from Rhuby and sparkling Pellegrino grapefruit you can drink like the duchess at a pauper's price. Tell your mates!

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