Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Garbage Pie? Oh My!

Not Your Nonna's Pizza Pie

Garbage Pie with Roasted Brussels, Wild Mushrooms, Bacon, Mozzarella, and a Fresh Fried Farm Egg

Summer is here. To us at Alfa, sunny days mean endless possibilities, and while we can't argue with Grandma's Margherita, the heat gets our inner Einsteins into overdrive and we end up with crazy innovative, insanely yummy eats. Like our Garbage Pie -- a flatbread that answers the question "why can't we just put a whole bunch of random stuff we like on one pizza?" The answer is WE CAN and it will end up surpassing our wildest dreams of deliciousness.

We didn't stop there. Our new menu has dozens of new delectable edibles including more crazy pizzas with stuff we really really like on them. Because we can!

Join us and embrace the madness -- and come hungry.

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